Friday, June 4, 2010

Trev's Birthday, Memorial Day, VEGAS BABY!!!

Over Trevor's Birthday (Memorial Day weekend) Trevor and I got to go to Las Vegas!!! Yahoo!!! Aside from the drive the trip was awesome! We got to spend time together at the Tahiti Suites Resort, go to the strip, play some put put, watch Rashad hammer Rampage (while eating wings at the local Hooters of course) and get a little bit of R&R.

If only we could go back....

A nice summer evening at the pool!

Our MINI putting course at the hotel.

When we went to the strip we walked over to the Mandalay Bay for the UFC Fan Expo, the place was packed! The strip doesn't seem to have the same appeal it once did. After about two hours Trev and I were pooped and headed back to the hotel!

As you can see, our trip was wonderful! We couldn't wait to return, until "The Evening"... It all happened so fast! Trevor has had an interesting fettish lately, he can't seem to get enough WINGS! We ate them on Saturday evening, but of course that wouldn't satisfy this creature! Sunday "Pre-Birthday" dinner just had to be wings! There was a local place right behind our hotel, Wing Stop. We entered in there normal tourists. We just wanted a good meal! Trevor was able to order himself 20 wings. He was so gitty!

(Trevor with his wings!)

By the time the wings came Trevor was almost unable to contain himself. I left to use the restroom and when I came back, this sweet face had turned... something had happened!

Trevor had gone from a gitty boy excited for his Birthday meal, to some kind of animal!!! I was sitting there APPALLED by what I was seeing, I couldn't believe it! And when I looked around I wasn't the only one shocked! There were tables watching! Men, women... even children just looking totally disgusted!

Not 12 minutes later the wings were gone...

...and so was Trevor's Dignity!

Needless to say as wonderful as the trip was we won't be going back to Vegas for awhile. I think we need to give the place some time to heal!